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Seeing all the shores of Greece by boat

Greece is a wonderfully warm and welcoming corner of the world. Sunny with ancient poets and sculptors, beautiful Greece can offer a luxury getaway to its guests.

A good guide to tourism in Greece

The paradisiacal landscapes of the magical Greek islands with their fine sand beaches and crystalline sea will seduce the most discerning tourists. Greece is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, hot and dry in summer and cool and dry in winter. Rain usually occurs in December-January, with the number of sunny days in the year exceeding 300, with the warmest period from mid-July to mid-August. The islands are always warmer than in northern Greece. In Athens, the average temperature is about the same as that of the islands, but in the latter, the climate is milder and the heat more tolerated. The holiday season begins on the islands a little earlier than in northern Greece and lasts from April to October. In northern Greece, the season for a boat rentals greece runs from May to September inclusive.

Greece has everything a tourist needs

Three hundred days of sunshine a year, four seas and 1,400 islands, ancient ruins and museums with treasures, orchards and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can organize a real trip through the most beautiful shores of the world. The coastal waters of Greece are an excellent place to look for sunken ships and fallen cities. You can dive virtually anywhere, looking for the thicker sand of the outline of ancient wooden ships, broken clay amphorae and huge iron ships of the Second World War.

In Mediterranean Greece, hot and dry in summer. The hottest period from mid-July to mid-August, rest lovers at moderate temperatures prefer to rest here in May, June, September and October, in Crete and Rhodes.

On the islands near Greece, the holidays are always warmer with lots of interesting activities.


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