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Getting ready for your trip abraod

The heat of the tourist season on the island is considered to be from the beginning of July till the middle of September. This period features hot sunny weather tuning the travellers for beach rest. The season of rains is considered to be from the end of September till November however the rains are rather occasional and short. This is why it is always of necessity to take the following below points into account

You should be backed up with sun protective creams

Beach recreation should also be considerable and one should keep to certain preventive measures. During sun bathing a hat is a must have as it will prevent a heat stroke. The island features different hotels and inns of different pricing. As a rule the most expensive hotels are located in the capital of the island. Prudent tourists prefer settling in the suburbs of Palma or in the neighbouring cities and pay visits to the capital for touring and hiking or rather on a rent a boat mallorca. Among the gastronomy establishments one will find as upscale restaurants so small budgetary cafes. The small cafes offer the most attractive pricing meanwhile preserving the highest quality of the served dishes which deserve the highest praise.

Taking into account that local people like to eat rather late

Local restaurants start serving suppers not until 21.00. Good restaurant service should be rewarded with tips. 10-15% will be quite enough. In small restaurants and cafes one can just round up the bill till any acceptable sum? Copyright www.orangesmile.com .The main means of public transportation on Majorca Island is a bus. The trip is paid directly to a bus driver. The payment should be made on the entrance to a bus. The cost of a trip depends on its length. That is why one should indicate the final destination of a trip. Any of the tobacco shops or news stalls sells the bus pass tickets. One will manage to save up to 50% of costs. As a rule the pass card covers 10 trips and costs about 8 Euro.


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